Major upgrade to IMS website

IMS rolled out a major upgrade to their website today. I haven’t gone through everything yet, but it looks like there is some really good stuff in there.

* On most search results pages (like the marketplace for example) you can choose how many results you’d like to see.
* Marketplace images are now larger. It doesn’t look like you’ll need to re-upload images if you posted large images pre-roll-out.
* Bugs in transaction history “pagifying” have been fixed.

I haven’t tested yet, but I’m hoping that this upgrade also included real-time transactions. Previously it would often take a day for transactions to show up on the website. IMS technical staff in the past said this was something they were working on so I’m guessing that it was included in this roll-out. I’ll find out for sure next time I post a transaction.

I’m still seeing some new roll-out bugs, but that is to be expected with such a big upgrade. I’m sure they will sort it out in a few days. If you are having difficulty with the site in Chrome, give Firefox a try.

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