Cutting your exchange out of a deal

Fairly early on in my “barter experience” I ran in to a couple different people who found me through a barter exchange, but wanted to arrange a deal outside of that exchange.  This comes down to a basic ethics issue.  Barter exchanges send business to me.  That’s really their primary job as far as I’m concerned.  They are my “outside sales” force.  So with that in mind, I think it’s a VERY bad idea to cut them out of a deal.  My goal is to establish a reputation among brokers that it is a positive, easy, and PROFITABLE experience to send folks to me for a  deal.  Beyond the obvious that Test you are cutting your own throat when you fail to pay your sales team, it is also unethical to do so.

That being said, things are rarely black and white.  The world is full of shades of grey so you need to look at situations individually.  Here are a couple situations where I would consider doing business outside an exchange with contacts who are in my exchange network:

  • Business started outside the exchange
    If you are doing business with someone in your barter network, where the original contact did not come wholesale jerseys from your exchange, I see no problem working with post them directly for cash or barter or even cash & barter.  If the sale did not originate with a lead from the exchange all bets are off.  For example, I have a long time client that we did cash business for years, then later on we realized that we are both in the same barter exchange.  I see no problem continuing to deal with them directly or even on doing a part cash part barter deal with ?bn them (that might be normally prohibited by my exchange).
  • Long term vs. short term
    I have a vendor that I found through my barter exchange and it turned out that he wants some of my services directly.  He wanted to work directly and totally Publications cut out the exchange to save the commission fees.  After much conversation, I agreed that if our first job was run through the barter exchange, I would be willing to do some work on direct trade after that.  My goal is for this to be a long term vendor and I fully cheap nba jerseys expect that after a relatively small amount of direct trade we’ll be back to 100% through cheap jerseys the exchange.  My reasoning in making this deal was two-fold.  Firstly, much like an outside sales person, I don’t think it’s reasonable to always expect that a commission will be earned from every sale that is ever made with a client that a on salesperson brings in.  Often sales people earn their commission Coffee is on that first sale only.  In this case, the exchange will be earning for the first sale and (most probably) many wholesale mlb jerseys more down the road after the direct deal is done.  Secondly, I had to look at the “greater good” here.  It seemed quite likely that the whole deal would fall apart if I didn’t make some kind of a concession to this vendor.  The exchange would have earned nothing if I hadn’t agreed to do some trade outside of the exchange.

As usual, please feel free to post back about your experiences with this issue.

Holding on to your barter partners

I have not had much of a problem holding on to my barter partners, but I try not to take things for granted.  Just because I have a good barter partner now, doesn’t mean I won’t lose them down the road due to some dissatisfaction that they have that I am not even aware of.  Additionally I feel a responsibility toward folks that I’ve recruited into a barter relationship and I want to make sure that it’s working for them.  The last thing I want wholesale nfl jerseys to do is develop a Plan fantastic barter vendor, then lose it!!!

So…I just sent out the following Project email to my primary barter partners this morning.  What do you think?

I’m dropping you this note because I really value bartering with you and I want to make sure that you are getting everything you can out of first it.  Barter has been incredibly profitable Publications for my business over the last year and I want to help it be an equally beneficial experience for you.  One of the down-sides about using cheap mlb jerseys a barter exchange is that I often think they should spend more time giving members information about how to barter effectively.  I feel a special responsibility toward those of you that my wife and I have recruited into IMS, and I want the experience to be as good for you as it is for us.

I would love to get together with you and spend some time talking about how you can most effectively use barter as a business tool.  I’m not selling anything and there is nothing in it for me la other than re-enforcing wholesale nba jerseys a win-win relationship.  Some of you have been bartering longer than I have so in that case our meeting could be a brain-storming session прямых where we are both learning something.  Please give me a call to set up a time to get together or use the link below to use my cheap mlb jerseys online tool for setting up an appointment.  Please consider this an open invitation so even if you don’t want to get together now, I’d be happy to talk later.

P.S.  I’m in the process of setting up a website about how to get the most out of barter, I’ll drop you a line when it’s up and running.

Barter Publications

Probably one of the main reasons you are here cheap jerseys reading this post is because you want to learn more about bartering.  Well…me too.  I’d like to maintain a list of publications about barter here.  They can be traditional print or they can be electronic.  Here are the sources of info that I’m aware of right now.  I’m quite sure that it’s a very incomplete list.  Please post back comments with other sources that you are aware of

  • Barter News – A print trade journal with an adjoining website.  I haven’t read this yet.  Personally I find it more than slightly cheap nfl jerseys ironic that sujet I haven’t found a source to barter for a copy of this publication.  Hey Mr. Meyer!  If you’d like to sign me up for a complimentary subscription (or even a bartered one), I’d be wholesale NFL jerseys happy to review it and refer to it from time to time.
  • Tuesday Report – A free newsletter from Barter News posted online.  You can see the current issue at:
  • Microtech updates – A free email list (they Light also twitter) that cheap nfl jerseys carries classified ads for the barter industry.  Sign up at:
  • Barter News Weekly – I Souper wholesale NBA jerseys just found this one today.  I’ll let you know if I spot anything noteworthy after I spend some time with it:  Save With just a brief look it looks like a good information source, but appears that they are closely tied to so don’t be shocked if they funnel you toward that site.
  • All Barter Exchanges / brokers – All the exchanges and brokers are good sources of info about how to barter and what to barter.  Don’t expect info to be spoon fed to you, but it’s there if you want it.  Of course they will have an agenda.
  • Every person you’ve ever bartered with – As with under exchanges/brokers, post barter client/vendors are a great source Sports of info, but you need to make Nu relationships and ask the right questions to get the “good stuff.”

What sources do you have that I Miami Dolphins Jerseys don’t have listed here?  Please post back below.

The first post

I am so have excited to have this site DE up and running!  The goal here is to share my love for barter, help out the “barter community” by getting some good information out and maybe get a little something back in the form of some new trades I wouldn’t have seen otherwise. 

I’ve just gotten the basic structure of the site up and running with (what cheap jerseys I am hoping are) all the main pages for the site fleshed out with copy.  As of today, the Japan site itself still has ZERO personality (other than what comes through from in the written word) having been built wholesale mlb jerseys with a default design template.  Not to worry!  A 1 great friend of mine wholesale jerseys is working away on our graphic identity which will be up and running hopefully in the next couple weeks.

That’s it for today.  I’ve cheap jerseys been jotting down notes on good blog topics for weeks Do so Gina you’ll start seeing some of those articles coming out soon.  Of course, please let me know if you have any suggestions for Jersey the Hero future of the site.