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Probably one of the main reasons you are here cheap jerseys reading this post is because you want to learn more about bartering.  Well…me too.  I’d like to maintain a list of publications about barter here.  They can be traditional print or they can be electronic.  Here are the sources of info that I’m aware of right now.  I’m quite sure that it’s a very incomplete list.  Please post back comments with other sources that you are aware of

  • Barter News – A print trade journal with an adjoining website.  I haven’t read this yet.  Personally I find it more than slightly cheap nfl jerseys ironic that sujet I haven’t found a source to barter for a copy of this publication.  Hey Mr. Meyer!  If you’d like to sign me up for a complimentary subscription (or even a bartered one), I’d be wholesale NFL jerseys happy to review it and refer to it from time to time.
  • Tuesday Report – A free newsletter from Barter News posted online.  You can see the current issue at:
  • Microtech updates – A free email list (they Light also twitter) that cheap nfl jerseys carries classified ads for the barter industry.  Sign up at:
  • Barter News Weekly – I Souper wholesale NBA jerseys just found this one today.  I’ll let you know if I spot anything noteworthy after I spend some time with it:  Save With just a brief look it looks like a good information source, but appears that they are closely tied to so don’t be shocked if they funnel you toward that site.
  • All Barter Exchanges / brokers – All the exchanges and brokers are good sources of info about how to barter and what to barter.  Don’t expect info to be spoon fed to you, but it’s there if you want it.  Of course they will have an agenda.
  • Every person you’ve ever bartered with – As with under exchanges/brokers, post barter client/vendors are a great source Sports of info, but you need to make Nu relationships and ask the right questions to get the “good stuff.”

What sources do you have that I Miami Dolphins Jerseys don’t have listed here?  Please post back below.

5 thoughts on “Barter Publications

  1. There’s a free ebook called ‘How to Develop a Barter Plan’ which has some organized ideas for integrating barter into your business, it’s available at (which is a new search engine which lets you search multiple barter sites at once)

    Great new blog, very informative. I like the post where you address the issue of using barter for only business expenses, or also for personal expenses. Important to consider this when bartering.

    You mentioned that barter can be used for things we wouldn’t normally purchase with cash.. This is a great point. Truth is, barter can be used in all kinds of profitable ways that are beyond covering business costs: gifts for customer loyalty appreciation, gifts for friends and family, acquiring products that we can then offer in trade in other markets, etc. etc.


  2. In defense of Bob Meyer (Barter News) his publication has not been printed in years. What he offers are back issues and everything is available online. Most of the “good stuff” is found in the Tuesday Report.


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