Wish List

Updated:  2/8/13

Items I would like to barter for

Barter Exchange Credits

  • Universal credits or Banc credits (accepted by my exchanges)
  • IMS credits

Should be easy to find (in theory)

  • Movie tickets
  • computer projector
  • Tires for a mini-van
  • small engine repair work (Sonoma County)
  • Thick flannel sheets for Queen sized bed
  • Syrup to make soda
  • Gift certificates for popular chain restaurants (with locations in Sonoma County, CA)
  • Food (including meat and diet related food)
  • Coffee Syrups
  • Commercial Syrup Pumps (for a coffee cart)
  • rechargeable batteries (AA NiMH)
  • Local professional house cleaner

Just for fun

  • Cruise on a major cruise line leaving from US west coast
  • Exterior LED Christmas lights
  • DisneyLand tickets
  • House boat rental on Lake Powell (or another western lake)
  • Whatever the coolest/newest Android Smartphone is
  • pellet/bb guns (and ammo)
  • firearms/ammunition (and reloading supplies) – CA legal through FFL holder
  • Video card for running 3 or 4 computer monitors
  • Jumping Stilts

Tough to come by and/or high dollar

  • Credit at a local gas station
  • Late model Toyota Tacoma 4wd
  • Late model luxury sedan (Lexus, BMW, Mercedes, Etc.)
  • closet organizers and/or built in furniture (not kitchen cabinets)
  • in-ground pool installation (Sonoma County, CA)
  • Verizon cell service
  • insurance (just about any kind)
  • Pharmacy services
  • Solar electric system installed in my home (Sonoma County, CA)
  • Lumber to build a retaining wall and/or fence (drivable from Sonoma County, CA)

Please contact me if you have any of these items available for barter.