Cash Conversion: A Penny Saved is A Penny Earned

As I mentioned in my earlier post, for the next month or so I’ll be looking at ways to turn your barter habit into cash.  The most basic form of cash conversion is simply to buy things on barter that you would have purchased with cash.  The cash that you would have spent on that product or service is your effective conversion from barter to cash.

This is simple enough to do in theory, however I’ve found in practice that the vast majority of traders are really bad at this.  Here are my tips to help make sure that you take advantage of every possible barter purchase possible so you can hang on to your cash:

  • For EVERY purchase, product or service, business or personal, ALWAYS see if you can buy it on barter FIRST.
  • Make sure that everyone in your family or office that has the authority to make purchases is fully informed about how and why to make purchases on barter.  I doesn’t do any good for you to know all the ins and outs of barter if someone else who doesn’t understand barter makes most of the buying decisions.
  • Keep an up-to date wish list of products/services that you want to purchase on barter.  Make sure that your barter exchange broker has a copy of the list and keep an eye out on for these items.  Approach vendors that sell the items on your list and ask them if they are interested in bartering.
  • Stay informed about new members of your barter exchange.
  • Stay informed about what is available for purchase through your exchange’s online marketplace
More to come soon about other ways to earn cash through the use of barter.

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