Awesome all barter micro-vacation

My family got back today from a fantastic 100% barter micro-vacation!  These things take a little planning but they are really worth it.  We left yesterday morning, drove an hour north and stopped for lunch at a great Mexican restaurant, then proceeded north to Vichy Springs.  It’s a resort that dates back to the 1800s centered around a naturally occurring soda (carbonated) mineral spring.  We swam in their big pool (that we had almost to ourselves in the middle of the week), soaked in the hot tubs, played basketball, Frisbee and catch with a football.  We brought food with us for a BBQ last night.  This morning we enjoyed the resorts continental breakfast, then hiked to a waterfall and came back for one more swim before we hit the road.  On the way home we hit yet another restaurant for lunch.  What a great way to wrap up the summer with school starting for our kids next week.  The whole trip was 100% barter (meals and lodging) other than taxes and tips.  Every bit if it was just a little sweeter because it was purchased on barter.

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