Wish list for smartphone app


Here’s a recent email I sent this morning to a contact I have who works in the technology department of a large barter exchange.

Subject:  new function for next spmartphone app
Here’s what I think is a great idea for a new function to add to the next version of your smartphone app:

How about a tax/tip calculator for folks going to restaurants that accept scrip?  They could enter the food total, the amount of the tax, then the app could tell them the total amount of scrip and cash they should leave to cover tax/tip.  You could even give two options for when the food total is in the awkward “in between” amounts.  For example:

User Data Entered

Food Total = $25

Tax = $5

Data Returned to User

Round Down Option

Scrip = Food Total rounded down = $20

Cash =  tax + amount rounded down + 15% of (Food Total + Tax) = 5 + 5 + 4.50 = $14.50

Round Up Option

Scrip = Food Total rounded up = $30

Cash = tax + 15% of (Food Total + Tax) = 5+ 4.50 = $9.50

If you want you could have some user-editable settings.  Those could be:  tip percentage (15% minimum) and rounding options (only show round up, only show round down, always show both).  Probably the best default settings for these would be 15% and “always round up.”

I think most people mean to leave tax and a good tip when they go out, but the calculations are difficult to work out sometimes.  This could be very helpful in keeping restaurants happy members and make life simpler for members as well.

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