A Barter Christmas….kinda.

I’m having a barter Christmas around my house this year…kinda.  As it was getting toward Thanksgiving my wife mentioned to me that we had a bunch of Christmas decorations that we don’t use any more and this would be an ideal time to post them on ebay.  Of course this was a brilliant idea and over the next couple weeks I posted several hundred dollars worth of items.  As they sold I directed people to pay me via paypal and the cash funneled in to our account.

On the opposite end of the spectrum I started shopping for some presents for my family and usually I find the best prices on ebay.  When I found what I wanted I payed using the funds that were already in my paypal account.  It was beautiful.  Of course what I did wasn’t really barter, but it felt pretty close to me.  What I did really is essentially what we do when we barter;  we give someone else something that we don’t need and get something back that  we want.   Best of all I didn’t have to fork out any pre-existing cash for my gift purchases.

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