Barter Reciprocity

As many of you know, there can be times when you consistently earn more barter credits than you spend and you need to take a break from earning more.  In those times I continue to service my existing barter clients, but stop taking on new ones.

That being  said, even when I’m not looking to pick up new barter clients, I make an exception for folks that I’m already purchasing from on barter.  For example,  I have been avoiding taking on new barter clients lately in a particular exchange, however, when the drycleaner that I use (from that exchange) asked me about working for him on trade, I took him on as a new client.  It just wouldn’t be right to spend barter credits with a vendor, but not accept them as payment from the same party.

Conversely, if I work for you on barter, even if you are not taking barter from other members, I fully expect that you should accept it from me.

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