Summer Camp!

One of my favorite ways to spend barter credits is on my kids. Over the years there have been MANY activities that my kids simply couldn’t have done if it were not for barter. This summer is no exception. The camps that my kids are looking at are all on barter and are as follows:

  • Traditional Summer Camp (swimming/hiking/zip lines/horses/crafts/etc)
  • Fencing Camp (foils, not 2×4’s)
  • Karate Camp
  • Art Camp
  • Sports Camp (basketball, touch football, etc.)
  • Racing Camp (indoor Kart racing)

All of these camps are within 15 miles of our house.  I suggest that you check around and see what is close to you.  If your broker doesn’t have anything appropriate, let your fingers do the walking.  Start calling local camps and see if they want to add your kids to their schedule on trade.  Sure, you’ll get plenty of “no’s” but occasionally you’ll get a “yes” that makes it all worth it. Don’t forget that most businesses that offer children’s classes offer camps during the summer even though you might not usually think of that business as a “camp.”

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