IMS smart phone app in "Beta"

You may recall that back in January of 2011 I posted a wish list of all the things I would like to see in a barter exchange’s smart phone app.  I’m pleased to announce that IMS now has a beta smart phone app for BOTH iphone and android that you can download from the App Store (for iphone folks) or Google Play (formerly Android Marketplace).   The app has a lot of the functions that I asked for.  The folks over at IMS were kind enough to give me a heads up about the new app that you should be able to find for download by simply searching for “IMS barter” where you normally download phone apps.  Please note that this is a beta version so you should not expect perfection yet.

Overall I’m quite pleased with IMS’s first attempt.   It’s a little slow to start when you first click on the application, but other than than the functionality seems flawless.   I’m an Android man so I was able to test it on an Android phone and tablet.  I did not conduct any iphone testing.  I should also mention that it is a FREE application.  The main functions are:

  • Restaurant Search (complete with interactive map)
  • Authorization Request (like the website it is for a seller only)
  • Account info
  • Transactions
  • Contact IMS (makes it easy to contact your broker)

Of course I’m already looking forward to the next version.  I’d like to see:
  • Blue-tooth payment (a buyer could wirelessly send credits to another member running the application)
  • Full member directory look-up (ideally with interactive map)
  • Easy marketplace post (where you snap a picture with your phone and post the item straight from there)

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