Barter Kings TV Show

OK…what I really want to know here is who told A&E about my idea??!!!

Seriously though…a friend and I came up with a similar idea about 6 weeks ago.  There is a difference between our ideas though.  Based on the article above it sounds like they are going to try to do the whole “trade a  paperclip up  to a house” type thing.  I understand why they are taking that route.    It’s a popular story that people love.  I wouldn’t do it that way though because that doesn’t reflect the real barter sub-culture.  Real traders aren’t going to limit their resources and try to trade a single item up as much as they can.  Real traders are always bartering everything.  I think a better framework for a show would be to show how people live every day  with as little cash as possible.  I’ve heard of people that depend on barter for 80 or 90% of their income.  That’s what I’d be interested in seeing.

BTW…thanks to Paul for the heads up on this one!

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