Craig's List Potheads

Am I the only person that is sick and tired of people trying to trade pot in the barter section of  Come on people!  In my area it feels like 10 to 20% of all posts in the barter category are folks that are either looking to score some weed or looking to sell it.  Of course they usually use colloquialisms to refer to it.  They call it “215” or “420.”  Listen pot-heads:  Even in the liberal state of California it’s illegal to sell pot.  And bartering is selling.  Just ask the IRS.  Please get a life and stop cluttering up all the good barter listings on craigslist.

Speaking of which, I spotted this listing on craigslist last week in the barter category:

wife for trade – $70000 (santa rosa)
annoying wife for trade or sale. I’m tired of her you can have her.
rv quads ps3 games what you got?

So… is it just me or does this poster need a lesson in salesmanship?  He says that his wife is annoying, but then wants $70,000 for her.  Also I’m having a hard time trying to imagine how many ps3 games it would take to be worth $70,000.

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