Online Barter Stores

Over the years I’ve run into a number of online stores that are willing to sell all of their products on barter.  Sometimes the online store is set up specifically for barter and sometimes it’s a cash store but you can contact them directly to barter for anything in the store.  The value of these stores is twofold:

  1. Of course online stores are easy to shop from for business or personal use.
  2. Online stores are a great way to show potential new barter partners that there are many good things to purchase with barter credits.

The only issue I have with this concept is that I’ve never found a good directory of online barter stores.  I’ve devoted one page on my blog to list these but I know I only have a tiny fraction of all the sites out there.  Please check it out here:  Online Barter Stores

More importantly I’m looking for many new stores to add.  Please contact me with the web address of any online barter store that I can ad.  The website does not have to indicate on it publicly that it barters, but I would request that all stores that I add accept barter on all products/services in their store.

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