Barter vacation summer 2010!

OK, so it’s only a mini-vacation but still…it counts!  We’re going to start out by going to a big water park for all-day fun in the sun, then drive down to Santa Cruz for unlimited rides on the board-walk, then after that up to a vertical wind-tunnel to learn how to fly!  Even though it’s only a 3 day vacation, all of this for my family of 5 ( including two rooms for two nights at a nice motel near the beach in Santa Cruz would cost me a small mint in cash.  So it’s that much sweeter that I will be paying for everything but food and gas on barter!  Eat your heart out folks.  The only thing that isn’t completely nailed down yet is the water park tickets, but I’ve got a couple different people working on that and I’m flexible about  which park so I feel confident that it will work out.

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